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SR: Headlost Walkfound

Observatory comet flint.jpg
I took a walk up onto Cheesefoot Head early this morning, to see if I could clear my head from all that I have unearthed during this residency so far. Last night, trying to weave together the different strands I have been exploring in this blog for the talk in the planetarium, I ended up quite disorientated. So much potential, so many different directions to follow. As Thomas Huxley said: “Know something about everything and everything about something”: I have just got to find that second ‘something’ now. Up on the Downs, lost in the low cloud, everything dripping wet, the ground greased with slimy chalk-soil, my phone packed up (with my map on it) and I got completely lost. My head as misty as the weather, free of technology I returned to my senses, to the world around me. I walked across a field, the flints, everywhere, as if rising up from beneath, each its own little island, some cracked open by the plough, some still amoeboid. I had to ask a tractor driver the way, with Britney blaring out of his cab and a burning midden nearby, all on the top of the Downs lost in cloud! The morning couldn’t have got any stranger. When I found my way back to the Observatory, smeared with claggy clay, I found I had been carrying an armful of heavy flints for miles.

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