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As a multi-disciplinary artist, I explore the concept of filling time and the need to feel productive. Documenting my understanding of a material, object, process or place, I look at the things in our everyday lives that would be somewhat ignored, or perhaps just not ‘thought about’. I aim to place a value onto these things by giving them my time, and in turn, placing a value onto myself as an artist – proof of my existence and evidence of my creative input. Setting myself parameters - perhaps described as somewhat monotonous and repetitive - the limitations and boundaries I follow ensure that I can explore the ways in which one can escape the chaotic notion of doing, yet still fulfil and feed the hunger one gets to feel productive. 


Appreciating concepts of quiet and the overlooked I have found myself falling into a calm state of being since taking up residence at The Observatory. A most welcome change for someone who is forever on the go! My intentions of responding to the space honestly have been influenced by the everyday encounters I have with my surroundings; from passers-by, the wonderful grounds keeper and the sourced materials bought with me on the day.  

Alexandra Wilson
MA Fine Art Student at Arts University Bournemouth. 

Above: Two Structures and One, 2017. Site specific installation/performance, 400 metre ball of yarn. 

Above: White Tack Instruction, 2017. Video/photography documentation. Instruction: "to make 50 white tack balls of 1cm in size"  

Above: 'To Impress', 2017. A4 cartridge paper, ArtSway Gallery. Impressions on paper made with wooden weaving shuttle. 

Above: Details of (various) drawings and surfaces, 2017-2018 (ongoing response).

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