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Harry Meadows

Observatory Resident Artist at ArtSway

Design, visualise, world


I will be finding out how the Observatory was imagined by its designers: how it would prompt, stage and shelter human/environmental interactions. To do this, I will be looking at the images created through the process of architectural visualisation. These renderings combine design files of the building with images of cut-out people (or scalies as they are sometimes known in the business). The composite image is then touched up with shadows and lighting in order to combine the separate components. The use of scalies is of particular interest to me. The characters give a sense of scale to the architecture, but also act as a lens through which to experience the digitally rendered future.


Architectural visualisations are produced to give stakeholders an image of what a building might look like once completed. Rather than a purely diagrammatical description, the image gives a sense of atmosphere that describes an affective drama of human interaction in a future environment. For each completed building there are many visualisations that are never realised. I am interested in the value of the image for its own sake, and its detailed process of imagining.


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