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For Mark

Installation using the wood charring technique used on the outside ot the observatory. 2015


This piece was the culmination of a series of events and happenings. I met a family who's sons memorial bench was near the studio I was working in over summer. During the course of the residency I got to know them and through their stories and photos, their son Mark too. The jetty ruin was his favourite place in the area, as it was mine, and I was even given a text he wrote about it. Using an ancient Japanese technique, known as Shou Sugi Ban, oak was charred for the shapes that make up the installation. This charring took part during an informal celebration, with a camp fire dinner, and the whole event was documented. This slightly performative element to my work is something I am keen to experiment with and develop.



Semaphore Sand

Mixed media ( wood , sand , steel rings) 2015


One of the workshops I held during my residency was a sand painting workshop. As well as visitors colouring in there own images they also helped me colour one side of a square of wood, marked like a semaphore flag, in sand. I then joined these wooden squares with small steel rings to make a flexible and moveable, interactive piece.

Alum bay

Mixed media sculpture ( sand, glass, steel) 2015.


Alum bay is a famous seaside attraction on the Isle of Wight, which could be seen from the Observatory studio. The victorians were particularly fond of visiting this stretch of coast line, famous for its 21 naturally occurring coloured sands. They would fill little bottles with layers of this sand as souvenirs to take home and remember their holiday.  In my sculpture road signs have been adapted and double glazing units specially made to fit the shapes. I have drilled a small hole and carefully filled the space between the double glazing units, in the same layered way the Victorians were fond of doing.


Katie Louise Surridge

Works from the Observatory Residency.

Lady and Boy 

Mixed media sculptures (found ceramics and shells) 2015


During the residency I was often found scouting the local charity shops for materials or ideas, and also the 'secret beach' for shells and other interesting bits to inspire my art work. I became interested in the naff seaside ornaments found in some of the shops in the area and made several works using shells in an ironic way.

Boy and the winkles (sinister sea side)

Mixed media sculpture (winkle shells, ceramic boy, papier mache)


One of my daily rituals was walking to the ‘secret beach’ near the studio. Here I started a huge collection of winkle shells, which I used in this piece as though they are engulfing the small, crying boy.

Swap Shop and Art Vend 


These were two projects that were constantly accessable to the public as they were outside of my studio door. The swap shop allowed visitors to the studio to trade things they found on walks or had with them for other peoples objects, the cabinet of curiosities grew as the residency progressed.


Art Vend was a vending machine which sold origional sketches, paintings and writings I made during the residency for only £1.

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