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Look In, Look Out...

Learning & Engagement


The Observatory is a beacon for engagement - encouraging people from all walks of life to explore art, architecture and their environment. The public have direct access to look in and look out - meet the artists, see their work and watch the process of their work unfold.  


The Observatory aims to create a sense of shared ownership and experience between artist, audience and landscape.The project offers many opportunities for engagement, from formal learning, to chance encounters with artists and the Observatory. We aim to work with school pupils, college and university students, adult learners, community groups and the public throughout the course of the project, by creating opportunities for conversation, collaboration and meaningful engagement with working artists and architects.


Learning and Engagement Enquiries

For all enquiries regarding school, university and community workshops, visits or other learning opportunities for The Observatory, please contact:


Kristina Broughton

The Observatory

Information Booklet

This free to download booklet will take you through the whole Observatory design and construction from concept to installation.


Click on the photo on left to download.

Scheme of Work

Design and Build Your Own Observatory

Resource Sheet 1

The Observatory Competition Brief

Resource Sheet 1a

The Observatory Competition Brief:

Simplified Version

Resource Sheet 3

The Observatory: Design Criteria Planning Grid

Resource Sheet 4

The Observatory: Design Competition Score Sheet

Resource Sheet 2

Location Information

Resource Sheet 5

Rationale on Winning Design

Schools Scheme of Work and Resource Sheets

Click on image of Observatory cabin to download each PDF

Resource Sheet 7

Engineering Design Challenges

Take One Observatory

A Cross-Curricular Learning Resource Pack for Primary Schools

Resource Sheet 6


Change Your View

A Drawing Resource Pack for Key Stage 2 & 3

Artist Talks:

Below is the first of a series of talks being held at Winchester Science Centre.  In the frist talk, artist Simon Ryder uses the planetarium projection system to provided an interactive look at his work and the focus for his residency.


The Observatory for Schools


The Observatory offers a range of opportunities for schools to engage with contemporary art, architecture, engineering and the local landscape. To find out more about our FREE workshop offer for schools, please take a look at our schools flyer.


Click on the photo on the left to download.

Learning & Engagement...The Latest

More films from the Lecture Series to follow:

Why not attend one of the free lectures.  Details can be found on the downloadable flyer 

The students are about to embark on a project using Flash animation software, but Sean took them back to basics to understand the ingredients of good animation - storline, characters, and of course, imagination! The students learned that there's more to animation than computers, by exploring Sean's animated films using paper cutouts and his hand made flip book boxes.

Sean Harris Animation Masterclass

Observatory artist Sean Harris recently led an animation masterclass for Year 10 IT students at Arnewood School in New Milton. 

Animation at Hollycombe Primary School


Observatory artist Sean Harris recently led an animation workshop for Year 5/6 pupils at Hollycombe Primary School. The children had the chance to explore Sean's flip book boxes and paper cut animations and learn about how Sean will use the inspiration of the night sky to create new animation narratives whilst working at The Observatory. The children used some of Sean's paper cut outs to create their own stop-frame animation sequences. You can see the children's films below.

Learning Resources

Sean Harris - End of Residency Event:


Sean Harris delighted crowds with his magical and mesmerising animations and mechanical flicker boxes. Accompanied by a field of candleight in star constellations, starlight above and ambient music emerging from the Observatory cabins, the hillside at Winchester Science Centre was transformed into a place of mediatation and inspiration. 


The videos and photos here give a little glimpse into the magic of the evening.

Seeing the Landscape - Workshop at St Swithuns School with Isabella Martin


Isabella Martin led workshops with Year 8 students at St Swithuns School in Winchester. The girls explored and sketched the landscape using viewing devices, that Isabella made and is using for her own work whilst in residence at The Observatory. Over the coming month, the St Swithuns girls and Isabella will be working on parallel tasks looking at and capturing the landscape in different ways. The work will be brought together for a small exhibit at The Observatory studio in June 2015.

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