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Sean Harris

Winchester Science Centre

Over the last decade, I have made films that attempt to distill ‘sense of place’ – the intangible resonances emanating from intersections within a web, woven by many generations, that we project onto the land. In the course of this process I have, through collaborations with archaeologists, travelled back to the post-glacial re-population of our landscape. Elsewhere, wanderings overseas have further extended the scope of my lens. 


The Observatory, in its location adjacent to the UK’s largest planetarium and on the boundary of the UK’s newest National Park, will be an outpost on the edge of two ‘wildernesses’. In spending time here making proto-animation devices, using as catalyst the narratives that cultures past and present have projected onto the heavens – which mirror their terrestrial world-view – I hope to create a portal into the physical landscape, journeys through which might enable fathoming of the landscapes within us.


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