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Jilly Morris

Lymington Keyahven

Jilly Morris is concerned with marks that tell a story, moments that retain a physical presence, a mapping and collection of memories. Jilly is fascinated in how time affects landscape and how moments in time affect communities and their environment. Her current work is rooted in drawing, particularly with tools or objects not normally associated with the drawn process. She addresses a different aspect of the physicality and gesture of a tool by exploring its inherent qualities through mark making. Rich and textural surfaces evolve over time through experimentation and repetition; fusing process, intention and structure into a totality that generates form. 


Jilly Morris's work embraces different disciplines, including drawing, installation, collecting and recording data, and sculptural interpretation. Her artwork is often considered to reside in the grey area between fine art and making; integrating traditional craft techniques such as stitch into contemporary frameworks.


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