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Trudi Lloyd Williams

Lymington Keyhaven


Trudi is a Lymington based artist with a professional studio at ArtSway in the New Forest. She specialises in site specific work often focusing on waterways using recycled materials. Frequently working with discarded waste plastic, raising awareness of plastic marine pollution and out addiction to single use plastics that enter our water supply and end up contaminating our seas. Trudi’s practice involves continually observing the coastline in particular the Lymington and Keyhaven Salt Marshes where her photos and sketches document and highlight the delamination, break down and the entry of plastic into our food chain. Trudi’s residency at the Observatory straddles the New Year between 2015 and 2016 where as one year finishes we reflect on the past 52 weeks and contemplate the year ahead with ernest but fragile New Year Resolutions. Trudi is represented by the the Lymington Contemporary Art Gallery - Coastal Gallery.

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