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Christine Mackey

Buckler’s Hard, New Forest National Park

I work as an interdisciplinary artist and independent researcher who employs a diverse range of creative disciplines, subject matter and tactics to explore the interactive potential of art as a research and pedagogical tool that informs social and environmental change.


Previous research based works draws parallels between the processes of artistic, archival and site intervention and that of agronomy - diverse cultivation of plant materials for human consumption.


Through a process of close observation and contextual research my work reconsider’s the variable manifestations of ‘drawing’, the materiality of ‘conversation’ and the slow activity of ‘walking’ as a generative discipline that attempts to activate a series of sensitive responses in relation to site, agency and ecology. This approach encompasses a multi-sited ethnographic practice that envisions the idea of place as a clustering of habitats and its inhabitants - living things perceived as an evolving system of multi-species.

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